GreenLife Tea Packaging Redesigned
GreenLife started to grow as well as the demand for its products, so we had to come up with something more practical in terms of packaging process and transportation. You can check out the previous packaging here.
This was a unique opportunity to improve the user experience as well.
Inside each box there is a tag with a rubber band which can be used to close the bag after using it. We used cuttings to make the tag, more precisely, it was extracted from the box by opening two windows on the front. That way we reduced the wast for a small but still significant portion. 
Also, the tag can be used to close other homemade and natural products such as these, so it stays present in consumers life longer than the product itself, promoting the brand and it’s philosophy.
Each tag says
0% Mechanization – Produced with bunch of love and effort, without usage of mechanization.  
0% Pesticides – Growen and produced with no application of chemistry nor pesticides.
100% Natural.
Photography by Pavle Taboroši

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